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New York Mortgage


New York mortgage to meet all your needs.

New York  mortgage the best place to find the lowest rate. 

Well, you’ve come to the right place.     Here at New York  mortgage our focus is on getting you the right loan with the right terms to fit your situation. 

A mortgage is a big commitment and you need an experienced professional from New York  mortgage guiding you through the process, answering your questions so that you’ll know with confidence that you made the right choice. I am Jim Pendleton "Mr. Mortgage" working with you is at your service.

bullet Condotel Financing available NOW! condotel financing all 50 states,

bullet What does our commitment to personal service mean to you? It means that we focus on you and your goals. Anyone can line up a great looking rate for you but we at Financial Services of America take the time to show you all the other "gotchas" that can overshadow any teaser rate. 

bullet Not sure if you can afford your dream house?  We have many flexible loan programs at New York mortgage that can put you into your new home easier than you might expect. Is the down payment a stumbling block? Some of our programs not only don’t require a down payment, but cover some of your closing costs as well at Connecticut mortgage . 

bullet Have questions about your credit? We can help you understand the effects of your past credit while showing you how to strengthen your present and future. Our network of mortgage wholesalers with New York  mortgage enables us to find you a lender who is most understanding of your current situation. Have great credit?

 Our lenders  Our lenders reward your good credit with great rates

This is where most information about FHA VA & USDA can be found.

 Also, New York mortgage has all you need to know about all the mortgage types New York mortgage has available for you. Whether you need to know about FHA VA & USDA.

Most any situation. Whether you are looking for a new mortgage, wanting to refinance or just interested in tapping into your current home equity, we can help you. Call us now at direct at 631-451-7400 or Contact Us online. We’ll show you how quick and easy it is to get started. Or, Just go to the fully encrypted secure application page and fill it out now, while it's fresh on your mind.

New York mortgage NY the best place to find all your answers.  This is where most information about FHA VA & USDA New York loans can be found. Also New York mortgage NY has all the types of New York mortgage NY available.

bullet Guaranteed best rate, applies to a lender who offered a better rate and term and has issued a loan commitment on the same day as our offer and we match and close the loan at their terms, and will refund a $1,000 directly to you.

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